Anybody ride anywhere fun last weekend?

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  1. We were in Kernville which is known for some great riding. However not in the 110 degree heat. Mix that with no sleep from noisy campers and a wind blown tent all night- no riding was done.

    I hope someone else got shreddy this weekend!
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    My riding plans fell apart this weekend, starting with feeling crappy from the weather and poor air quality. I did get in a quick ride Monday night along Miner's trail from 5 mi house to Nevada City. It was my best run yet on that trail.

    I finally rode the narrow section I've been scared of. It's 100% mind over matter, there's really not much to it. It's slightly off camber, a little bit of turbulence, and the biggest risk is tumbling down a hill full of stickers and weeds. I just focused on looking ahead, pushing into my feet, and relaxing my upper body - easy as cake! I think I had been carrying old baggage from my first ride on that trail. I rode it really early on in my riding experience, well before I had any technical skills, and that first time was scary for me. So I've been carrying that fear with me all these years. Glad to have finally overcome it.

    I felt great on all the other features. It wasn't my fastest run on Miner's, but it was definitely my cleanest run. I felt very balanced on my bike and in control. When I rode through some of the looser sections I just looked ahead, stayed relaxed, and let my bike move beneath my body. I can finally say that I actually enjoyed the entirety of that trail for the first time!
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  3. That's great Kim!! Paige made me do a roll down on Gypsy last Friday that I really wanted to go around.:) However once I did that I cleared the next section that had previously scared me with no issues. I love conquering fears. I just wish it wasn't so hard to make yourself overcome them! :)
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  4. For me that is the best feeling short of flying through the air. Knowing that your bikes is all over the place beneath you but you are centered and in control is awesome!
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  5. I'm still getting more comfortable with allowing my bike to move underneath me - getting there!!! I was at Northstar yesterday, and at the bottom of the fire road below Playground you have to turn onto the main fire road through a bunch of gravel, which is super scary to me when going fast. My natural instinct is to just lock up and NOT turn. So I was practicing allowing myself to relax and allow myself to lean my bike - it was seriously the biggest internal struggle. Noticing my tendency to lock up my brakes and feeling like the opposite side of my brain forcing myself to push my handlebars to the right underneath my grippy hands, telling myself "Lean your bike! Push into your feet! Relax your upper body! Look where you want to go!" I still have some work there, but I did improve by the end of the day.
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