Best MTB Flat Pedals

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  1. Vital MTB has a great, detailed overview of the best MTB flat pedals on the market. They scored 17 different pedals best of grip, concavity, and weight. This article is almost a year old, but I saw somewhere that they plan to update it soon with some of the newer models on the market including OneUp Components' composite pedals. I just ordered some Deity TMAC's on discount, and I'm super excited! I'm also scared of those long pins, but hopefully slipping pedals will be less prevalent with the grip these things are supposed to carry.,1485#
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  2. I would like to add my OneUp aluminum pedals! I LOVE THEM! Super light weight and grippy as f*Ck.
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  3. Vital MTB seems to love them too! Rated as "outstanding".,19990#product-reviews/2858/expand

    "There‚Äôs no shortage of good flat pedal options out there, and most of the finalists in our flat pedal Face Off would do you proud on the trail. With a thin and wide design that provides plenty of grip and stability, the OneUp aluminum pedal offers great performance in a durable and easy to maintain package that looks set to make a run at the top five. The new kid on the block is a challenger!"​
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  4. What type of shoes do you recommend for flat petals? I come from road biking where I ride clipless, but definitely want to flat petals for the mountain.
  5. Hands down five tens. I wear the Freerider contact shoe and they are very grippy and compatible with flat pedals. The grip is tacky. While they seem ridiculously expensive these are the only real contenders on the market. Before I bought five tens I had a pair of Scott mountain bike shoes that had tread on them. I thought I was getting a deal because they were cheaper than five tens. The bottom of the Scott shoes were destroyed within several months of using them. I've had my five tens for almost a year now, and they still hold up and have grip.
  6. I agree! Five Tens! Before Five Tens I bought Teva because they were cheap on Amazon. They only had boy sizes and were so uncomfortable. Nothing beats Five Tens which is why they are expensive:)
  7. Ok I'm sold! Now I just need to buy my new bike so I can get the shoes to looks pretty close to the Juliana Furtado :)
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  8. Oh exciting! New bikes are the best:) Also heck ya, a girl has to match! Please share pics!!

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