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Discussion in 'Riding Protection' started by mahgnillig, May 26, 2018.

  1. I'm looking for suggestions on some new elbow pads. I currently have Alpinestars Paragon in size XXS, and while I like the level of protection they offer, they are too big and slide down. I wants something with a bit more protection than G-forms, but they don't need to be hard shell (I have a pressure suit with elbows included for the really gnarly stuff - these will be for bike park riding and rocky trail rides). I have pretty scrawny arms so I suspect this quest will not be easy...
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  2. I use gforms just cause they are so comfy. However I do have Fox Launch Pros that I got while working at a bike park. They fit tight so that might be a good brand for your arms. They provide excellence protection too with a hard shell.
  3. I use Gform shin pads as my elbow pads :D I had ordered them for my shins but were to small but they fit my elbows! It was perfect because the elbow pads I was using were too big and sliding down!
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  4. For most of my riding, I use the Gform. They are comfortable and not bulky which I like especially when it is hot. I am however getting some ixs flows for park use since I do not generally feel like the Gform have enough protection for that as long as I don't have to climb in them.

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