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    One very common question asked on the Women's MTB Experience Facebook page is "What kneepads do you recommend?" In an effort to answer this question, I sifted through the various comments and posts about kneepads. What I found was - holy crap, there are a lot of kneepads out there. And very few of them, if any, were recommended frequently enough to stand out and say, "I'm the best!" At the least, I thought it might be helpful to list what people have recommended - here goes:

    Alpinestars Paragon

    Fly Racing Lite Knee Guards

    Fly Racing Cypher Knee Guards

    Fox Launch Enduro

    Fox Launch Pro D30
    - Great for downhill and enduro

    G-Form Pro-X Knee

    G-Form Pro-X Knee Shin Combo

    IXS Flow

    Kali Protectives

    Leatt Airflex Pro
    • Pros:
      • Not too hot
      • Held up in crashes
      • Comfortable
      • Don't slide down
    • Other:
      • Size down if you are in between sizes
    POC Joint VPD Air

    POC Joint VPD 2.0

    Race Face Charge

    Race Face Indy

    Race Face Khyber

    Seven iDP Covert

    SixSixOne Rage

    Troy Lee Tbones

    Troy Lee Speed Sleeves

    POC Joint VPD Long

    What kneepads do you wear? What do you like about them?
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  3. I like my airflex leveatt knee pads a lot, not too hot, have fallen hard in them and they have held up and kept me ok.
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  5. I also have the Leatt Airflex Pro knee pads. I've only used them on a couple of MTB rides and a couple of BMX sessions so far, but they are comfortable and don't fall down.

    I have the size small, though Leatt's size chart said I was at the bottom end of the medium based on my leg measurements. The medium would have been too big for sure, so if you are in between sizes then size down.
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  6. Thanks for the feedback. I added it to the list in my original post.

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