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  1. May will be here before you know it so I want to kick things of with this Q&A thread so we can get all of our questions answered in time to properly prepare for this epic trip. :)

    What: Women's-Only Camp & Ride with gourmet food prepared fresh in camp by Kavanaugh Kitchen!
    Where: Moab, Utah
    When: May 4th - 6th
    Purpose: To shred the the world famous trails and immerse yourself in otherworldly landscape the spectacular views while making new friends and hopefully pushing yourself to be a better rider.

    For more details registration:

    In an effort to reduce Facebook clutter and help others who may have similar questions feel free to post any questions or advice you may have below. Personally, I'm trying to figure out which tires I'm going to bring. Haha
  2. Two questions:
    Are there any openings left?

    What camp site will we be at? (I have friends meeting up Sunday and wanting to stay close so I can just transfer sites.)
  3. Hi Allegra! First off- super happy you are going to Moab with us! There are 6 spots left if you know anyone who wants to join! We will be at Canyonlands RV & Resort Campground. Did you want specific site numbers?
  4. So which tires are you going to bring?? I have my Minnion DHF and DHR II, any reason to switch em out?
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  5. Maybe we will find out when we ride there in March! I'll remember to think about tires while I am there:)
  6. That combo works well there. I hear on slickrock people like less knobby tires like Aggressor, Trail Boss, Ardent etc. But the Minion combo still works. Really soft tires like older Schwalbe or the grippy 3C Maxxis tires get chewed up fast so I'm expecting to need new tires after the trip. lol
  7. Demos available in Moab!!

    The bike shop where we meet the shuttles has demos available!

    Chile Pepper Bike Shop
    (435) 259-4688

    Just note May is a very busy month for Moab so make your reservation now!
  8. @jenibolts What kind of tires did you all have out there? Any suggestions? I have a Minnion DHF (some wear) on the front and a moderately worn DHRII on the back. I'm thinking I'll leave those on, let the knobby's wear, and replace my tires after the trip before race season....I have a fresh Aggressor waiting to be ridden
  9. I rode my normal tires and had no issues. eThirteen in the front and DHRII in the back:)
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  10. Campground Info!

    Canyonlands Campground

    This is just a basic campground but with some great perks like POWER, WI-FI, POOL and SHOWERS!! All of our sites are together and all of us will be sharing the sites.

    Please remember to bring (this is just the basics, please bring whatever you need):
    sleeping pad/bag
    camping chair
    flashlight/headlamp (or the flashlight phone app!)

    You do not need to bring any utensils or cooking gear. That is all provided.

    This campground is in the middle of town as well. There is a store nearby if you need anything. Don't stress if you forget something- we will figure it out!

    If you are flying in and concerned about bringing camping gear please contact me separately. I can see what we can bring since we are driving.

    Are we riding yet?!! Can't wait!!
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  11. If I end up driving my truck, is there space at the campsite to park there and sleep in my camper?
  12. Yep! We will be sleeping in our Tepui:)
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