MTB Girl XMAS List

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  1. Compiling for an article: What do MTB girls wants for XMAS?
  2. Do you want the whole list? I mean, it's long :)
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  3. Yes please!
  4. All I want is.... pretty much everything. Why not?

    Evil, Oury, or ODI Ruffian

    Fox Proframe - Lightweight, breathable full face - yes, please!

    Gloves: Fox Women's Reflex Gel Gloves. My favorite.

    Shoes: Five Ten Freerider Contact. The best.

    Sunglasses - Something that fits my narrow face and protects my eye from too much air flow

    Hip Protection: G-Form Women's Padded Compression Shorts - Protect them hips!

    Shorts: RaceFace Khyber - Long, baggy, thick material

    Hydration pack: Osprey Verve 3L - Narrow and compact

    Bike: Trek Session - A girl can dream right?? #futurecaseybrown
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  5. Has Luke seen this list? haha
  6. Lol. No, but he does know that I want all the things... and a Remedy :D

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