Oakland City Pump Track Fund

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  1. https://www.gofundme.com/oakland-pump-track

    From fundraiser website:

    Building a Pump Track. Building Community.

    Pump tracks and bike parks are places where people of all abilities and ages can come together with friends, family, peers, and mentors to have fun, and learn and grow together as bicycle riders while building communities.

    Thanks to the efforts of a core group of dedicated volunteers, and support from the Bicycle Trails Council East Bay (BTCEB) and the Oakland Composite High School MTB club - the city of Oakland has approved the permit for a pump track in the city of Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park. The Oakland pump track will be free and open for all; situated on city owned park land (not currently being used), and built and maintained by the community.

    Please join our efforts to help fund raise for this project!

    WE’RE READY TO DO THIS! Our next step is to build the pump track! We are grateful to have an experienced and professional trail building crew, who already work and build trails in a professional capacity – and who are willing to donate their time as Oakland residents to support this great project.

    We don’t need funds to pay our volunteers, but we need funds to pay for the permitting, for supplies and equipment, to complete the plans, to get the dirt and soil amendments, to move the dirt, to rent the equipment, to rent the water tank, to water the dirt, and lastly to add signage – congratulating the COMMUNITY for contributing to such an excellent space!

    Your tax-deductible donation will help build a gathering place for our community. Let’s make this happen!

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