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  1. Our Facebook group recently had a great discussion on tires. The question was asked:

    Hi Ladies, any thoughts/recommendations on higher traction rear tires? I have Hans Dampf on front and rear (on a Ibis HD3) which are fine in winter and have low rolling resistance, but now that the dirt is dry and loose in Santa Cruz, wondering if a higher traction rear tire would be better as I'm slipping out on loose uphills even with weight back... any thoughts, tire recs? TIA!
    We had quite a few responses, summarized here:

    - "I just put a Bontrager XR4 on the rear of my HD3 and have been very happy with the traction in loose, dry conditions. It has a bit more rolling resistance than the Nobby Nic it replaced, but bites well even in sand."

    - "I like the Maxxis DHR, DHF and Aggressor. Traction for days." [Maxxis is a fan favorite, with lots of comments excited about their tire selection]
    - "That was my feeling about the DHR/DHF combo," "traction for days but the rolling resistance made the uphills and flats much harder work."
    - The Aggressor is a great middle ground tire. Having a Hans Dampf in front still, I wouldn't go way beefier than that in the rear and you won't notice as much rolling resistance as something like the DHR2 or DHF.
    - If it's as moondusty as Tahoe's, consider Specialized Butcher/Purgatory Grid 2.5s. They're awesome. I also like 29" DHRs on my Enduro a lot but did not like 27.5" DHFs--both in the wider incarnations. I felt too much rolling resistance with the DHFs and they didn't add any traction over the Spesh so I went back. The one big advantage of Maxxis to me is that I can get them on and off. Not easily but I can do it. Cannot do it with these 60+ year old hands even with tire irons with Spesh or WTB. Which is a pain.

    What tires do you run? Comment below!

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