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Discussion in 'The Fire Pit' started by jeniwages, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Where is everybody riding this weekend?!

    A few of us are riding Tamarancho! I have never been. I hear there is quite a bit of climbing which should be fun since I haven't worked out in 3 weeks. I had Lasik surgery so had to recover with some minor complications along the way. However I am ready to get my ass kicked which is usually the best way to kick motivated again.

    My fork is being custom tuned and serviced while I am not racing so I actually am borrowing a bike: an Evil Following. I have never ridden a 29er so am excited and will be posted a review! Thanks Jane for letting me borrow your Evil!

    Happy Shredding ladies!
  2. I’d be interested in riding that place if it wasn’t so far .

    My riding this weekend will most likely be something local here in Lake Havasu.

    Next weekend I’m doing my first race series (XC) in Phoenix. Thinking about possibly doing the SoCal Enduro in Temecula at the end of the month, we’ll see

    Do you guys ever make it down this way?
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  3. Good luck with your XC race series! I usually make it to San Diego once a year. I would love to ride with you so we should make it happen this year!
  4. Had a blast riding with this crew at Tamarancho 20180106_112736.jpg 20180106_140837.jpg Screenshot_20180106-193048.png Screenshot_20180106-193017.png Screenshot_20180106-192730.png Screenshot_20180106-192708.png IMG_4671.jpg 20180106_141303.jpg 20180106_140958.jpg 20180106_140850.jpg !
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  7. Everyone missed ya!
  8. I was going to do a review then Jane told me it is a model they don't make it anymore haha! Riding a 29er is different for sure! However I enjoyed the bike on the climbing, especially the tight switchbacks. I felt like I could really dig in and navigate up really well. It took some time to get to where I needed to be on the bike on the switchbacks going down. Once I did, it was a blast to ride. Some of that could be not riding for 3 weeks. It was a small frame and I definitely couldn't do a medium. It didn't feel as plush as my Recluse but that's an obvious with the difference in travel. I think it's 130 versus my Recluse at 150. I also could play around with the shock/fork to probably get it more tuned.

    In thinking about owning a 29er, I am not sure where I would ride it? Unless that was my coaching/more xc type of bike? Then use my Recluse for Enduro and DH for bike parks? Decisions, decisions;)

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