Weekend Ride Report!

Discussion in 'The Fire Pit' started by jeniwages, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Well it looks like the rain has subsided for us NorCal folks. It's gonna be muddy but Paige, Kim and I are riding Auburn this weekend. We will be putting some miles in for Moab, which means we are climbing up Confluence. Such a necessary evil:)

    Kim and I also have an XC race on Sunday that I made us sign up for months ago for Enduro training. Then I had Lasik surgery, Kim got sick and here we are, on our big bikes ready to get schooled by super fit XC racers. Speaking of, our friend April will be racing as well and is one of those XC badasses. She is going to do amazing and I am looking forward to cheering her on!

    Where is everybody riding this weekend??
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