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  1. I have ridden with a few of you from Reno. Some of you mentioned you do not know other ladies to ride with. I wanted to connect all of you because you are similar in riding. I know there are more Reno riders so feel free to post rides/favorite bike shops whatever here!
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  2. Carson City rider checking in!

    I'm mostly skiing at the moment, but would love to ride with some local ladies in the spring. I like flowy trails with moderate tech sections... TRT, Corral, Tahoe Mountain, Sawtooth etc. I rode Toad's last year and was in over my head, but I'd try it again.
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    Minden, NV here, although I worked for 17 years in south Tahoe so that is where most of my local riding has been... during the winter we mostly ride Clear Creek since it is five minutes from home (or travel to warmer destinations). In the summer I do enjoy Tahoe riding although in general there are not enough well-built flow trails for me there... I have been spoiled by Whistler, Moab, Sedona, Santa Cruz, Bend, Winter Park, etc.

    We (hubby and age 7 son) travel with our bikes a lot and enjoy the heck out of riding together. Unless there is too much climbing, and then we all get whiny! :D
  4. Oh- I almost forgot to mention... we do a lot of riding in the yard. When my husband turned 40 he decided his midlife crisis acquisition was going to be a pump track. 20 truckloads of clay was hauled in, a dude named Scott from Colorado camped in our yard for a week with his Bobcat, and viola(!) an old corral became the neighborhood bike mecca.

    So if anyone in the area wants to hang out and work on a few skills and have fun (or even camp) in the comfort of the backyard, please let me know!
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  5. That's awesome Amber! Pot luck / skills session at your place then? ;)
  6. Definitely! As soon as it warms up (and dries out) just a bit, let’s plan it!
  7. I Like riding all the trails on peavine, love mount Hough in Quincy and jackass in truckee.

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