Welcome Shredders!

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  1. Welcome to Women's MTB Experience Community! I am very excited to provide you with a place to connect with each other.

    Check out the different forums we have put together. Go to your specific region to share your latest rides, the best trails in your area or your favorite local bike shop. Curious to know what tire pressure other riders are running? Checkout the wheels and tire forum. Want to just chat with women riders? Join the Fire Pit to talk about anything mountain biking related.

    We want you to be yourself in this forum! Get your badass on. Strut your stuff. Share your victories, your fears, your knowledge about drivetrains, the best bikes to ride, MTB shorts that don’t make you crazy- it’s your place and thanks for letting me be a part of your ride.

    Founder, MTB Experience
  2. Hi, I'm Lisa Sher!
    Hope you all enjoy the new MTB Experience website and community. I am the lead designer on this project, so if you happen to see any errors or issues, please let me know!

    We all hope this community provides the open and inclusive environment we all want to see in mountain biking. That's why I was excited to work on this project with the badass gang from MTB Experience. Rock On Peeps! ⚡️
  3. I'm just a shuttle beotch but WELCOME!

    - The Help
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  4. So stoked for this site! Congrats on getting it set up and I can't wait to see it grow.
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  5. Thanks Drew!!
  6. So stoked to see this site. I'm a long time MTBer (started out in toe clips on a fully rigid 26" because that's all we had).

    Now I write for MTB4her, and I'm a Guerrilla Gravity brand ambassador. Stoked to see a place all women can share MTB experiences!
  7. Welcome Anne!

    As a veteran of the MTBR women's section you know how slow these things can be so I'm stoked to see you here. Maybe you can share your learning to jump story? It's pretty inspirational!
  8. Stoked to see you on here too!
  9. Hi All,

    My name is Nicole Falk. I've raced on and off for 5 years. After taking a couple years off, I got back into racing last year. And dove right back in ;-/ ---- I did Cross, Enduro (for the first time and loved it) and a handful of XC races. I'll be doing XC this season with MTB Experience. I plan on doing some of the Granite Bay TBF races, California Dirt MTB series, some grasshoppers (lake Sonoma), bike monkey (soNoMas and Wente) and some of the epic rides series. Post up regarding races that you're interested in / want to target and we can do some team planning! Super excited

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