What's your favorite tire combo?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by JustinCase, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. This one is for you Redhawk. :D
  2. Ooo.. depends on the terrain and time of year. :p

    Snow/sand: I love the Maxxis High Roller 2s. I'm trying the plus versions 2.8s this year for riding in an area that has snow, front and rear.

    DH/fast trails: DHF 2.5 front hands down. Rear? Still working on that. Going to try the HR2 2.4 in the back and see how I like it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try the 2.5 Aggressor now that it comes out. Heard some awesome things about that as a rear tire, but the 2.3 one looks really silly on 35mm internal rimes :p
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  3. Good list! I suggest trying the DHRII 2.4WT in Dual Compound. It rolls WAY better than I expected and MUCH better than even a 2.3 HRII 3c MaxxTerra. I tried it out for a bit before putting it on Jeni's bike to make sure it was better than he Trail Boss 2.4. It is, in every way.

    I am testing out the new Nobby Nic 2.6 Speedgrip right now. It rolls ok but I'm not feeling a massive boost in rolling speed like I expected considering the NN is one of best rolling knobby tires on the market. I just had my hub serviced though and that may be causing some drag.

    Right now I'd have to say my favorite combo for DH, All Mountain riding in gnar, loam, loose, loose over hard, etc. is the E13 TRS Race up front and the DHRII 2.4 in Dual Compound. You have tons of grip in nearly any condition and pretty easy rolling for the amount of grip.

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